Artistic Expressions, Janet Enfield
portraits, animals, landscapes in oil paint, acrylic, graphite, paverpol instructor

Janet Enfield

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I have been interested in creating my whole life. When I was 10 I fell in love with oil paints and to this day they are my medium of choice. I have taken many classes where I learned techniques and added to my knowledge for the creation of my art. Acrylics are another paint that I enjoy for their quick drying time and brilliant colours. 


An activity that I find inspiring is figure drawing and I have belonged to the Grande Prairie group for quite a few years now. This is a very creative time that I am able to try out many different dry mediums like graphite pastel or charcoal. There are many water soluble pencils and sticks that are enjoyable to use and produce interesting results.

         Paverpol is a sculpting medium that has captured my interest. It is a liquid that is used with any natural material. It hardens to a rock hard, weather safe sculpture.


There is nothing more satisfying than creating. It is like putting my feelings out there telling stories making a point or just creating something beautiful for others to enjoy.


Life is about experiences and all the way through the creative process there are many. I begin by experiencing something that inspires me, then I go through the creation of the work then you experience the final piece. Every piece of art is experienced differently by everyone that interacts with it. My hope is to touch a part of you with my art that will find you in a peaceful, exciting, loving or humorous mood. There are even some works that take you to a place of sadness.


Art finds its way to the eyes that it must, the people that would benefit, and to those that need it. Look for the art that speaks to you.