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(posted on 12 Nov 2016)

It is well into Nov and I just cleaned the last carrots out of the garden. When it snowed I thought that they where lost but they are amazing and sweet.

Christmas parties are being planned and presents are being wrapped. I am looking forward to joining friends for all of the celebrations.

(posted on 10 Nov 2016)

My life is changing very quickly for the better. Not that it was bad before. But better is always better. I have bit the bullet and put the add out there for reading tarot cards. I went and made arrangements at the little tea house in Wembley to read cards Thursday mornings.

My Paverpol class is a go on Sunday and I am going to do an author reading in Elmworth school.

My Tuesday class was full to the brim. 20 bodies in that classroom. It is a good thing that it is big. Apparently everybody likes baby elephants.

This has been an amazing week and it isn't even over yet.

I am excited about the possibilities that could be coming.

(posted on 8 Nov 2016)

Wow!!!!! Today is an amazing day. Some of you may not know yet but I read Tarot Cards. Every morning I do a reading for my self for the day. Todays reading pointed to many opportunities coming to me. So far I have had three different job offers and have been told by a friend that I am fascinating. This day is already amazing and it isn't even done yet.

(posted on 7 Nov 2016)

This is new to me but I really want to share anything that I learn or think or feel. The first thing that I do when I learn something new is " How can I share this? ".

Sometimes I just want to put thoughts out there to see if I get a bite.

I enjoy many different facets of life. My garden is alive and well in the summer. The wonderful wild birds are fed and watered all year round so that I can enjoy their antics outside of my kitchen window. I paint and sculpt and crochet and knit. I am always working on a set of tarot cards that I hope will one day be complete. The Featherstones are my new obsession in my children's books.

I have 2 wonderful daughters and 2 amazing grandchildren. I have been married for over 20 years and my life is full.

I teach classes for adults and children in a variety of disciplines.

Tarot card readings are a large part of my life at wellness shows and home.

This is me right now. I don't know what I will share next.

(posted on 7 Nov 2016)

I was in Edmonton this week to celebrate my Grandmas' 100th birthday. She still looks amazing and is in good health. It was difficult for her when she couldn't remember everyones names but we all helped her in every way that we could.

It was nice to see all of the cousins that we used to go camping with as kids. All of their families have grown as mine has. It was great to touch base with them and my siblings that I don't get to see as often as I could or should.

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