Artistic Expressions, Janet Enfield
portraits, animals, landscapes in oil paint, acrylic, graphite, paverpol instructor

Classes / Shows

1 Jan 2018 -
31 Dec 2018

This course is offered at the Centre for Creative Arts in Grande Prairie Alberta. Phone 780-814-6080

There is beginners where we will be covering all of the basics from perspective colour to composition.

Intermediate delves into painting material and starting into living creatures. We work from photos and usually start with a chicken or rooster.

Advanced focuses on bringing life to a portrait.

Mondays Beginners

Tuesdays Intermediate and Advanced

Wed. Beginner Acrylic for adults, Intermediate and Advanced will be on Tuesdays with the oil painters

All sessions run for 6 weeks , from 6:30 to 9:30 with sessions run consecutively until December.


23 Jun 2018 -
24 Jun 2018

You will be learning how to create and animal with 4 long legs like a giraffe, horse, camel, dog or deer for example. This is a 2 day course. The first day will be spent creating the armature and the second will be spent applying the surface with Wrappers and paverplast.

You will need to bring 1 roll of tin-foil, 2 rolls of masking tape and your lunch.

The class is 10 to 6 on both days

If you would like to see this class in your area

Please e-mail me at to book a class