Artistic Expressions, Janet Enfield
portraits, animals, landscapes in oil paint, acrylic, graphite, paverpol instructor

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Hi Janet Just visited your site for the first time, it’s nice knowing a little more about you and seeing some of the things you’ve made. I’m hoping to come to your show on Sunday. Good luck!
Anne Weir - 22 Feb 2019
Lovely work
Jessalyn - 15 Nov 2016
Hi Janet! I miss you and I miss taking your classes! I learned so much from you...your classes were so laid back and fun to be apart of! I love your work! Tammie P.S. I have been painting up a storm!
Tammie Erickson - 12 Nov 2015
just found your site love your work wish I lived close to you
Marian baliski - 27 Apr 2015
Janet your site is awesome. I love browsing through and remembering and seeing where you are going now. Back to free I see. I am always sharing about you and how I progressed with your help with the artists in my group here in Kamloops. Thanks for sharing your life with me. My Coyote that I painted in your class received the Viewers Choice award at our fall show last weekend. Love to you.
Vera Cook - 20 Nov 2014
Your gallery Pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing. I absolutely LOVE "Eddie" in the Paverpol sculptures. :) Stunningly artistic works.
Diane Peppard - 25 Mar 2014
What a wonderfully fun class!! You create such a relaxed environment ,, I can't wait for the next class!
sarah trobacher - 9 Apr 2013
Merci pour tes jolies peintures, Bonne Année! Thanks for your lovely paintings, Happy New Year! Gracias por tus lindas pinturas, Feliz Año Nuevo!
Cassandra - 6 Jan 2013
So amazing Janet-so nice to be able to see all your work-have you got any lessons coming up in Fairview?
Ellen Dalke - 5 Jan 2013
that life is more fun for me to picture anyone to do anything.
resim dersi - 3 Oct 2012
Hi Janet, I love your website. Your pictures are phenomenal. I hope to paint with you again.
Katherine Moe - 13 Sep 2012
My favourite artist and friend. Your website and work are amazing.
Vera Goeree - 7 Sep 2012
Site looks great!
Carrie Klukas - 20 Aug 2012
Wow, Thank you for the viewing and the inspiration. You are truly talented.. :)
Elaine Redel - 5 Aug 2012
I love your pictures. You are the best teacher. I miss your painting class so much.
Iya Nakagawa - 10 Feb 2012
Great to see you paintings of New Foundland, and the new animal ones-I'll check the site often.-Should check to see if there are classes coming up.
Ellen - 3 Jan 2012
Jan, I love your website! Now I can be up to date with all your work. There are many pictures I have not seen before. They are Wonderful.
Donna Lechelt - 1 Jan 2012
What a beautiful collection! Hope to catch your show if it comes to Edmonton or better yet Calgary.
May Stein - 28 Dec 2011
Aunty Jan your pictures are beautiful!!!! Cant wait to buy another!!!
Danielle Luckey - 27 Dec 2011
Janet, this website is great! Very easy to use. I love all the animal paintings, especially the horse! So beautiful!! I want to take another class soon, your such a great teacher.
Carlie Cardwell - 27 Dec 2011
Janet, What can I say? I miss painting in your class but hope to join up again soon. It's nice to view what you've been working on. Blessings!
Katharina Michnik - 24 Dec 2011
great site, can't wait to see more!!!
chris giraldi - 24 Dec 2011
Super website, Janet! Your paintings are awesome. I love your self portrait - it's just amazing.
Vera Goeree - 24 Dec 2011
You are amazing and I love your new site! Hope to see you back for classes in the New Year, Merry Christmas
Lisa McGhee-Peters - 23 Dec 2011
Your talent always amazes me!
karin schulenborg - 23 Dec 2011
Great website Janet. The pictures are beautiful.
Shelly and Buck - 23 Dec 2011
My favorite artist (and teacher) in the Peace. You are a phenomenol artist and I can't wait to see more!
Lori Andrew - 23 Dec 2011
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